Systemic Racism?

We have seen protests across America claiming that America is a nation guilty of systemic racism. No one seems much interest in presenting evidence of this. After more than 40 years of laws explicitly prohibiting racial discrimination, we continue to see charges of widespread racism. But is this true? What evidence is there for this? […]

Total white out

Are all environmentalists misanthropic, homicidal maniacs? There have been more than a few eco-terrorists who have killed and terrorized. Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, is one such example. But you would right is saying that such a suggestion is insane. The US has a population of 330 million people. With a population that large, you are […]

Marx is rolling in his grave

Karl Marx believed evil capitalists required a reserve army of labor (i.e. unemployed workers) to grow wealthy by artificially suppress wages. What Mr. Marx couldn’t foresee was that it would be his progressive brethren who would supply the political cover and policies for creating that reserve army of labor. The science is settled, 100% of […]

Double standards, a feature not a bug

The quality of political discourse has deteriorated to the point where one must ask, is there any hope left for civil political conversation in America? Can this possibly be turned around, or will things continue to get progressively (no pun intended) worse. There have always been fringe elements and intemperate people who do not know […]

Corporate Wokeness

US corporations seem to be in a contest to determine which of them is most woke. Have you ever wondered why? There is no need to traffic in conspiracy theories to understand this behavior; it is both rational and predictable. Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin understood capitalism better than most conservative social commentators when he observed […]