Shooting the bull

Progressives are outraged by the recent rash of shootings. Outrage is absolutely the right response. Violence is never, ever a good thing. Senseless violence of the type we saw last weekend is particularly outrageous, and it deserves our scorn.

But the target of the outrage isn’t the shooters. Nor is the target of outrage the senseless acts themselves. Nope, the target is political in nature, it is Donald Trump. Of course it is, because that is what progressives do, they politicize everything. Nothing escapes progressive politicization, not even the tragic death of their fellow Americans.

During Obama’s term in office the US experienced the Las Vegas shootings (58 dead), the Orlando nightclub shootings (49 dead), Sandy Hook shootings (27 dead), Sutherland Springs church shootings (26 dead), Binghamton shootings (13 dead), Geneva County shootings (10 dead), San Bernardino shootings (14 dead), Fort Hood shootings (14 dead) and the Dallas police sniper shootings (5 dead).

Progressives didn’t pin these killings to Obama. Nor should they have. To be completely fair, there were a few Republicans who did blame Obama for one or more of these incidents.

As we mentioned in a previous post, hypocrisy and double standards are not a flaw in the way progressives think, they are an important feature, a tactic designed to destroy their political opponents.

It saddens us that on the occasion of three national tragedies that has left people mourning the loss of loved ones, the discussion is focused on politics.

Can we all please take a pause on politics for a few days? Can the gun control people stop using this tragedy as an excuse to push their agenda? And can the gun rights people stop with the silly counter arguments?

Unless we find common ground and start focusing on the humanity of those with whom we disagree politically, we are afraid things will get far worse.

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