Marx is rolling in his grave

Karl Marx believed evil capitalists required a reserve army of labor (i.e. unemployed workers) to grow wealthy by artificially suppress wages. What Mr. Marx couldn’t foresee was that it would be his progressive brethren who would supply the political cover and policies for creating that reserve army of labor.

The science is settled, 100% of economists agree, flooding the labor market with workers causes the price of labor (e.g. wages) to fall. Surely, even the most committed progressive can see the truth in this statement. Yet, the same committed Democratic Socialists who agitate against growing US income disparities, the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few, and the growing ranks of poor and homeless people, have become the strongest advocates for open borders and the uncontrolled flood of economic migrants into the United States.

In a sense this makes sense. Progressives in general , and Democratic Socialists in particular, are internationalists. As internationalists, they do not care any more or less for the poor of Guatemala than they do the poor of Detroit, Fresno, Baltimore or South Central Los Angeles. The leave it to “racist” America-firsters, people like Trump to care about the poor of America’s inner cities.

For decades we have argued against socialists who claim that housing, food, and healthcare are human rights. We have argued that if those things are basic human rights, those rights must be extended to all people, not just those with their own borders. Back in the day, they would reluctantly admit that though we cannot yet secure that right for all people, we must at least start with our own people (i.e. Americans first). The point of my argument was to demonstrate the difference between a positive versus a negative right. A negative right (i.e. the right to speak free of Government censorship) can be extended to all people, and creates no obligations on others. Conversely, the right to basic healthcare, necessarily creates an obligation for others to provide that basic healthcare. If there are not enough healthcare resources available to provide basic care for everyone, some go without. Once upon a time, even progressives were honest enough to admit to the truth of this. But now we live world were the motto of progressives is: by any means necessary. To progressives that apparently means defying reality, defy basic truths, aim to draw as sharp a moral contrast between themselves and their political enemies as they possibly can. If the Fascist Orange Dictator is against open borders, then, by gum, progressives are for open borders regardless of the consequences. And since they are for free healthcare, progressives have to be for it for everyone living inside America’s borders. illegal immigrants included.

So there we have it. Not only do progressives want US taxpayers to provide free healthcare for everyone in the US, they want to provide free healthcare to everyone on planet Earth who is willing and able to cross the border into the US. So America, be prepared for very long wait times to receive that free government-provided healthcare those progressives are promising you. And since those healthcare resources are going to need to spread over a growing number of people with sickness and disease, you can fully expect the quality of care, when you finally do get it, to diminish dramatically over time.

None of the people championing the loudest for these policies will be much affected by them. It is doubtful any of the progressives running for president, or their families, will have to wait in any of those lines. It is also doubtful any of the Silicon Valley captains of industry will be getting at the end of any of those lines either. The people impacted the most will be the poor already living here. So if you think wealthy white people receive better healthcare than poor inner city blacks now, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The life expectancy of an African-American male in Washington DC is 66.5 years. The life expectancy of a white male in Washington DC, it is 82 years. For a white female in Washington DC, it is 86.7 years. White males in DC earn only 94% as many years of life as a white females. For black males in DC, the number is 77% of white males and 70% of white females. When compared to the life expectancy of males in other countries, African-American males in DC are tied with Belarus and rank lower than India, Guatemala, El Salvador, and North Korea males. It isn’t clear to us how progressive immigration and healthcare policies are going to help close African American male life expectancy gap.

It is equally puzzling to us how flooding the labor market with millions of uneducated, unskilled workers is going to help raise the wages of blacks either. While progressives virtue signal over the wage and wealth gaps between blacks and whites, they aggressively champion labor policies that exacerbate the problem. Sure progressives push for increasing minimum wages. But here’s a news alert, the science is settled, economists agree, minimum wages increase the unemployment rate, High minimum wages don’t help raise the wages of people laid off and unemployable. However, reducing the size of the reserve army of workers by shutting down the borders, reduces both unemployment and raises wages.

But, progressives tell us, immigrants do the work that Americans won’t do. To this point we say to progressives, this does not sound to us like advocacy for the working people of America. It sound more like an indictment. Are progressives telling us that America’s poor are lazy. The second thing we say is this. It is true, Americans will not work at menial jobs, under poor work conditions, at below living wages. However, if there were not a massive reserve army of labor in Latin America keep wages low and work conditions poor, employers would be required to increase wages and improve working conditions to the point where Americans would be willing to take those jobs.

Andrew Yang, one of the many contestants hoping to become the Democrat’s presidential nominee, has largely been running on the idea that all American adults should be provided a minimum income of $1,000 per month. Yang argues that with the coming robotic age, millions of workers will be displaced and a minimum income will be needed to provide economic soft-landing for those displaced. If Yang, and the many others who see a robotic revolution, are correct how can an open board policy be wise?

For progressives this is the future. An open Southern border for all who wish to cross it. And as a reward for the trip they receive free healthcare and $12,000 per year. Meanwhile, there will be no jobs for those people and no prospects for upward mobility. Instead, when they arrive they will be joining tens of millions of others living in America who are permanently unemployed and likely stoned. That’s a hell of a vision!

So why do progressive push for open borders? We think there are several reasons:

First, progressive are now obsessed with championing the cause of the “marginalized” and are far more interested in speaking out against oppression in the abstract than they are with creating concrete solutions that may actually help. Liberal social policies, of the 70’s through the 90’s, have failed miserably and we believe they have simply given up even trying.

Second, progressives are committed to globalism and internationalism. Hollywood and Silicon Valley captains of industry now receive most of their revenue from markets outside the US. They want nothing to do with policies that might be seen as being pro-American. That is bad for business.

Third, the votes of the underclass are committed to the Democrats. Black & Hispanic civil rights leaders are sold out to the Democrats. With Democrats receiving over 90% of the black vote, Democrats have very little incentive to create policies that help blacks. Democrats believe all they need to do to earn the black and Hispanic vote is market the GOP as racists. As soon as the black vote becomes truly contestable, the progressive vote will begin to reflect the interests of blacks. Until then, blacks will receive lip service from Democrats.

Finally, and here we will exhibit a very high degree of cynicism. Such a policy is good politics for progressives and creates pathway that leads to the social and economic revolution they are hoping for. Creating conditions that lead to a larger, poorer, uneducated underclass creates the conditions for Democratic Socialism. If a lot of people need to suffer along the way, as long as it is not progressives leaders who suffer, that is just the cost of progress. As we said, by any means necessary.

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